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Aug 8. 2016 - Folkworld (Germany)  


Shari Puorto "My Obsession" (CD, Little Lightning Productions, 2015). Bluesrock aus L.A., schön anzusehen und zu hören. Shari Puorto kann den Crooner geben, aber auch wie gott-habe-sie-seelig Janis abgehen. Höhepunkt ein inbrünstiges Cover von "When A Man Loves A Woman". Siehe die Shari Puorto Band live @ YouTube!  
Blue Rock from L.A., beautiful to look at and listen to. Shari Puorto can give the crooner, as well as god-did-they-seelig depart Janis. Highlight a fervent cover of "When A Man Loves A Woman". See the Shari Puorto band live @ YouTube! 

August 11, 2016 

Orange Native Shari Puorto returns home for four shows this weekend 

By Mark Zaretsky, New Haven Register - Posted: 8/11/16, 11:29am EDT  
NEW HAVEN >> Shari Puorto has covered a lot of ground since growing up on Old Silo Road in Orange. Now a well-traveled blues singer and band leader in Los Angeles for the past 14 years, she’ll return to her old stomping grounds to sing for only the third time this Sunday with a matinee at Cafe Nine as part of Cygnus Radio’s “The Sunday Buzz” series. MORE HERE 


July 20, 2016 

SHARI PUORTO – My Obsession (Little Lightning Productions) 
Posted by Norman John Darwen on July 19, 2016 at 16:30 


It is always good to come across an album that, on first listening and all subsequent plays, holds your interest right through from beginning to end, and this certainly qualifies on that score, from the early 70s rock sound of the introduction to the otherwise funky blues of ‘It’s A Damn Shame’ to the closing notes of the oh-so soulful cover of Percy Sledge’s ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ 44 minutes later. Shari is now based in Los Angeles, and although she is probably best categorised as a blues artist, she has that Muscle Shoals approach down pat, with a couple of detours into country too. She is a powerful vocalist and writes some good songs too – all apart from that closing item are her own. Mind you, she does have Barry Goldberg as co-author on eight tracks, and the calibre of musicians helping out on this set includes the likes of keyboards players Barry, Jim Pugh and Mike Finnigan, and guitarists Johnny Lee Schell, Jimmy Vivino and Steve Fister, all highly respected names. This is most definitely Shari’s album though, with her coming over all sexy on ‘Sugar Daddy’, rocking out .......MORE HERE... 


June 27, 2016 
Shari Puorto Band - LIVE - Band / CD Promo - MY Obsession #musicUcansee.com 
The Shari Puorto Band - LIVE! buy the new CD 'MY Obsession' out now On-Line athttp://www.sharipuorto.com. ..The Shari Puorto Band now booking ... 

Shari Puorto – My Obsession - click to the left! 
Blues Blast Magazine, 
May 27, 2016 
Shari Puorto – My Obsession | Album Review. May 27, 2016 ... Puorto had a hand in writing all but the last song on the CD. The songs are fresh and ... 
If you are looking for a new face with a clean and fresh expressive voice, Shari is worth checking out.  I think you’ll like her! 

June, 2016 
Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival returns to Beaver Creek 
Aspen Times 
Performers include John Mayall, Tommy Castro and the Painkillers, Gary Allegretto and Shari Puorto, but the real star is the music itself, creating an ... 



These graceful American lady I had never heard but fortunately I did when listening to this CD, this section may leave me. Beyond that Shari looks physically beautiful, she is also blessed with a voice from the thousands. It is, after all her fourth studio release but unfortunately a first introduction for me. 
Shari has a soulful blues voice and we can compare them with the best of that other great American singer Bonnie Bramlett. She was already support for i.a. Tommy Castro, Robin Trower, Tab Benoit, Joe Bonamassa, etc ... So they need more not to present credentials for me and they obviously proves the entire line on this very strong, exquisite album. 
On the album we find some eye-catching names which some helped in the studio. We hear the famous Tony Braunagel on drums, Jimmy Vivino (Al Kooper) is used as strings Knight, Barry Goldberg (Mike Bloomfield) stirs the ivory keys and co-wrote most of the songs. Further interaction and Johnny Hawthorn (guitar), Steve Fischer (guitar), Jim Pugh (piano) e.v.a. 
12 numbers can be found on this album and I have at no song should use the fast-forward button. 
Immediately the beech in it with the funky / jazzy opener 'It's A Lady Shame' which sounds a strange intro. Some songs are colored blues and 'Home Of The Blues' is a great example of blues of how it should sound. 'Sugar Daddy' can not be immediately penetrate into one box but mostly listen to the voice of Shari and guitar interventions. Simply beautiful. 
Even with the most intimate songs Shari know our musical to hit the ears because if tracks like "My Obsession" and "All About You" Do not you know to pull over the line of the doubt, then I fear that you put in your ears you sit. 
Besides her own work, you could already hear Shari as lead vocalist on the homage to Bugs Henderson 'The Kind Of Clubs. 
We can not throw this new cataloged under one label, because if you look into the heart-warming 'Old Silo Road' listening is difficult to define under what genre you can post this. And sturdy rocking is on "Workin In The Room 'which again full of energy and inaction is not an option. The tempo of this song will seamlessly connect "What's The Matter With The World" for the dance floor must be populated. 
To close a tribute to a man who is still in hit to attract attention worldwide with only a few numbers, viz. Percy Sledge's "When A Man Loves A Woman 'gets Shari freshening up, she sticks to the original melody off. 
If we can speak now about a handsome, fresh CD produced with summery touches, then comes this "My Obsession" without any doubt in the first place. Shari proves she still has a fantastic voice beyond her physical appearance and that writing good songs is not a strange thing for her. Well done, Shari, and now a European (including our country, of course) tour to promote your new drive. Men promoters, search no more, this is it! 

April 20, 2016 
4.0 out of 5 stars - Little Lightning Productions artist: Shari Puorto - My Obsession - New Release Review 
By Bman's Blues Report on April 20, 2016 
Format: Audio CD 
I just received the newest release, My Obsession, from Shari Puorto and she's still slamming it. Opening with funky rocker, It's A Damn Shame, Puorto's vocals are tight and her phrasing is super. Johnny Hawthorn knows how to make it hot on guitar and Bob Glaub's bass lines are smokin. Backed by Kenna Ramsey, Julie Delgado and Mike Finnigan, this is my favorite track on the release. On Home of the Blues, Jimmy Vivino and Steve Fister step up on lead and slide guitar (respectively) and Mike Finnigan's B3 work is super. Rock and roller, Six Months Sober is square down the middle with Jim Pugh's piano and B3 and slide soloing by Hawthorn is smooth. Sugar Daddy is a slower sure stepper with a drone bass line and slap snare from Tony Braunagel. Title track, My Obsession, opens with a subdued niteclub feel but kicking into a solid rocker with Vivino and Finnigan trading lead riffs under Puorto's cool vocals. Old Silo Road is a quiet ballad, primarily the purity of Puorto's voice and Finnigan's piano. Johnny Lee Schell's tasty slide riffs add a real nice touch to this solid radio track. Workin' The Room has a definite country feel with a two step rhythm and nicely executed piano work from Barry Goldberg. Schell again steps up with a cool guitar solo making this another track that could easily hit multiple radio lines. Better Left Unsaid has a R&B styling with cool backing vocals from Ramsey, Delgado and Finnigan. Schell's rhythm guitar work and Finnigan's piano work give this track a lot of textural traction. With a New Orleans feel, What's The Matter With The World, has a real nice rhythm and Schell's slide work is spot on the mark. Finnigan gives the track a nice boot of his own with nicely stylized piano work. Very cool! Steve Fister adds his own guitar zip to All About You, a serious ballad with Schell joining on rhythm guitar. The interweaving guitar styles, coupled with Puorto's vocals make this another serious radio track. Turned To Stone has a real "Jackson Browne" feel with Johnny Hawthorn playing some excellent David Lindley style pedal steel lead throughout. Goes without saying that this track, with a cool melodic hook and slick pedal work, could really hit big. Wrapping the release is the soul classic, When A Man Loves A Woman. Finnigan on B3, Pugh on piano and with Darrell Leonard and Joe Sublett on horns, gives this track a rich clarity and Vivino's clean guitar work, coupled with Puorto's power makes this a perfect track to close it up. 


March 21, 2016 - John Porter's "Time for the Blues" blog/review of Shari's Puorto's MY Obsession 
http://timefortheblues.blogspot.com/2016/03/obsessed-with-shari-puortos-my-obsession.html - for FULL Review, click on LINK 
“Recently I received a copy of Shari Puorto’s album MY OBSESSION and I can honestly say that I am obsessed with her. No, not in that creepy stalker kind of way, in that oh my great God, what an amazing talent kind of way. After hearing her vocal energy on a CD, I can’t wait for the opportunity to catch her live. Her voice has been compared to all of the greats: Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge, Etta James, and the one and only Janis Joplin. Those are fair comparisons, but it is my belief that future women singers will be compared to her. Her chops are silky smooth, or gritty, depending on the song; but they are always filled with soul. Her emotion is flat out in your face and there may be precious few that can do it any better. In case you haven’t gotten the message, she’s the real deal and belongs not only in your record collection, but on every major stage you can find.” 


March 16, 2016 CD Review, MY Obsession -- Posted by dvcrow56  --SHARI PUORTO, MY OBSESSION, LITTLE LIGHTNING PRODUCTIONS 


Current Los Angeles resident Shari Puorto has one of “those” voices–one that can go from sultry-sexy to funky to bluesy and back again, without missing a stroke.  She got her inclination to sing from her dad’s classic soul and blues record collection, and her latest album,  “My Obsession,” features eleven originals that let her mighty voice shine thru! 

The backing band ain’t no slouch, either.  Tony Braunagel doubles down as drummer and producer, and his Phantom Blues partner, Mike Finnigan, is on B-3 and piano, as are Barry Goldberg and Jim Pugh.  On guitars we have Johnny Lee Schell, Jimmy Vivino, Steve Fister, and Johnny Hawthorn, with Bob Glaub on the bass. 

Mike’s organ intro kicks off the scratchy groove of “It’s A Damn Shame,” as Shari laments a lover who “couldn’t get outta your own way!”  Johnny Hawthorn lays down some mean slide on Shari’s tale of proudly being “Six Months Sober and no longer addicted to YOU!”  She wistfully looks back on life and love along the “Old Silo Road,” and closes the set with a sanctified read of “When A Man Loves A Woman.” 

We had a ton of favorites, starting with the title cut.  As one can easily glean from a look at the CD cover,  Shari’s “My Obsession” would be SHOES, the higher the heel the better!  This one was co-written by Jimmy Vivino, and he’s on that strong guitar throughout.  “Sugar Daddy” is four minutes of pure carnal pleasure, as Shari’s sexy voice weaves its spell.   “Workin’ The Room” follows a similar theme, but this one rocks the house, thanks in part to Barry Goldberg on the 88’s!  And, a slide-fueled tale of “seven rooms of misery and seven rooms of gloom” welcome you into the “Home Of The Blues!” 

Shari Puorto and her soulful and impassioned vocals bring this material to life, and her backing corps of musicians are sure to make “My Obsession” your obsession when you give it a spin!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society. 


March 5, 2016, MIDWEST RECORD, CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher  
SHARI PUORTO/My Obsession:  You might not be familiar with Puorto if your ears lie outside the LA area, but on her fourth album, she’s aligned herself with the crème of the crop, all of whom show up to play and not just pick up a check, and she has what it takes to take you back to the day when white, red hot bluesy mommas strolled the terrain.  At it long enough that to compare her with the greats of the past is off base, Puorto knows how to tear it up and get the party started.  A raucous, rousing date this is a gasser for all fans of Raitt, Muscle Shoals and all that good stuff.  A winner throughout. 

Volume 39/Number 125 
March 5, 2016 
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher  
Copyright 2016 Midwest Record  


Feb 29, 2016 - MY Obsession CD review 
Peter Merrett -- PBS 106.7FM Melbourne - www.facebook.com/peter.merrett.12. 
*** SHARI PUORTO - "My Obsession". 
Label : Little Lightning Productions. 
Shari Puorto - Vocals, Composer. 
Johnny Lee Schell - Guitars., Jimmy Vivino - Guitar., Johnny Hawthorn - Guitars, Lap Steel., Steve Fister - Guitar, Slide., Mike Finnigan - B3, Piano., Barry Goldberg - Piano., Bob Glaub - Bass., Tony Braunagel - Drums., Raymon Yslas - Percussion., Daryl Leonard & Joe Sublett - Horns. 
Kenna Ramsey, Julie Delgado, Mike Finnigan, Johnny Lee Schell and Deb Ryder - Backing Vocals. 

Now where do we start with Ms. Shari Puorto that hasn't already been said in the past. First off let me say that damn she can sing and write a song. Throughout her songs she evokes and conjures images and memories of past times brought into to the now. I feel ashamed that l have not heard of Shari Puorto previously but that has now changed and l am forever grateful. This is an outstanding album that at times melds and morphs styles but never once does it descend into an listenable cacophony. I highly recommend this album to and lover of Blues/Roots music and leave it up to you as to what genre you want to label it. As Count Basie said "there are only two types of music and that is good or bad" and this is definitely in the "good" category.Congratulations to all concerned! 
*** Track 1. - "It's A Damn Shame" Written by Shari Puorto and Johnny Hawthorn.  
A distant intro heralds this one into a guitar and drom solo followed by keys and wha wha pedal guitar. Puorto is somewhat subdued but then as if inspired by funky guitar unleashes her power packed voice. Puorto possesses an incredible control over her voice and uses this ability to stunning effect. What started funky breaks into  a solid rocker enabling Puorto to really lay her vocal range bare. Powerful start to the album assisted by a wonderful band and great backing vocals.  
*** Track 2. - "Home Of The Blues" Written by Shari Puorto and Barry Goldberg. 
Another self penned song that pays homage to the Blues that Puorto can sing with the best, full throat ed and unrestrained. By now it ios more than evident that the band is an amazing collaboration of true artists brought together for a common good. Fister shines on guitar as does Finnigan does on B3. First class performance indeed. 
*** Track 3. - "Six Months Sober" Written by Shari Puorto and Johnny Hawthorn. 
Puorto lays bare her personal demon, (?), with the full bodied backing vocalists in a Blues that would strike an accord with many a person. Hawthorn not only co-wrote the song he also provides the outstanding guitar work and Finnigan the piano. Quite a powerful statement from a powerful vocalist and outstanding band. 
*** Track 4. - "Sugar Daddy" Written by Shari Puorto, Barry Goldberg and Tony Braunagel. 
Sensuous Blues that not only showcases Puorto in a testifying mood but also Schell's wonderful expressive guitar. There is an element of the great Janis Joplin in Puorto's approach to this song and that is truly a great thing! 
*** Track 5. - "My Obsession" - Written by Shari Puorto and Jimmy Vivino. 
If ever ther was a subject for a Blues song then this is it but l think Mr. Vivino has some explaining to do. Yeah being a male l just don't get this "shoe" thing the gals have, but heh Shari you are sort of helping me. Then again l might be the typical male and am zoning out when l hear the word shoes and am just enjoying a stellar performance from you and the band. 
*** Track 6. - "Old Silo Road" Written by Shari Puorto and Barry Goldberg. 
Stunning slow Blues with country overtones that is pathos laden, gentle and heartfelt. Such a beautiful song with stunning guitar from Schell that truly is a standout as is the piano of Finnigan. What a wonderful story teller Puorto is as she weaves her tale about her past and what it means to her. The band, oh that band are sensational as is the subtle backing vocals. This is truly a standout for me. 
*** Track 7. - "Workin' The Room" Written by Shari Puorto and Barry Goldberg. 
Goldberg's R&R piano gets the cats up and dancin' as Ms. Shari starts workin' the room. Yes indeed pure Rock 'N' Roll Shari Puorto style. Ain't it good daddy-o. Seriously good fun as Schell provides the authentic guitar to complete the sound and feel that is right on the mark. 
*** Track 8. - "Better Left Unsaid" Written by Shari Puorto and Barry Goldberg. 
Soul inspired funky guitar and bass with that very distinctive backing vocal style has Puorto getting down. A song worthy of being a Muscle Shoals recording of the 60's. Extremely well crafted song that certainly could be considered a classic from back then and l would suppose one could be excused for thinking it is a cover.  
*** Track 9. - "What's The Matter With The World?" Written by Shari Puorto and Barry Goldberg. 
Puorto and band are seeking the answers to age old questions in a real honky tonk style that is a whole mess of fun. Again Ms. Shari takes us back to the 50's style that instantly installs a smile on your face. Backing vocals and Schell's guitar round out a fun sound even though it is such a serious matter to be considering.  
*** Track 10. - "All About You" Written by Shari Puorto and Barry Goldberg. 
Minor key Blues with a minimal intro that is punctuated with swirling guitar and then back vocals. A plaintive Puorto delivers her vocals in a rather restrained manor to garner the moodiness she requires to interperate her song to greatest effect. Angst ridden and pathos laden at a grand scale. A wonderful wonderful song indeed. 
*** Track 11. - "Turned To Stone" Written by Shari Puorto and Barry Goldberg. 
Another wonderful Country/Blues with a tale of woes and love lost that hangs over you like a dark cloud. A deep look at a life many of us live and breath but want to be gone once and for all. Beautifully crafted with absolutely stunning orchestration and charts. Puorto certainly processes the ability to phrase her delivery perfectly.  
*** Track 12. - "When A Man Loves A Woman" Written by Calvin Lewis and Andrew Wright. 
Wow Ms. Shari continuing on in that indelible Muscle  Shoals vain a Percy Sledge monster hit is the perfect accompaniment to your very own singing and songwriting. Such an iconic song that can go so so very wrong when not paid the required reverence. Here you absolutely nailed it and gave new impetuous  to the legend that is this Soul classic. The band is absolutely stellar as they wrench at every emotion possible that is invoked by this song. Now as for your vocals, l must confess that you had me shed a tear or two as you climbed to dizzying heights and then plunged to dizzying depths  all the while the crescendo of soulful music emanated from the band. This is easily one of the very BEST versions l have heard of this iconic song.  Bravo! 


March, 16, 2016 - MY Obsession review, Jim Santella 
My Obsession 
Little Lightning Productions 
          With her big voice and program of original songs, Shari Puorto makes blues/rock sizzle from wall to wall and brings the house down strong. Along with band members such as guitarist Jimmy Vivino, drummer Tony Braunagel, guitarist Johnny Hawthorn and pianist Barry Goldberg, she's written eleven blues anthems that allow her to tell the stories eloquently and convincingly. Her powerful voice drives the message forward and the band echoes her sentiment with plenty of hard-edged action. The varied program includes familiar elements such as lap steel, background vocals, and horns; however, the core of her program pairs Puorto's mighty vocals with flaming guitar action. 
          The album's title track starts off real slow and kittenish behind a somber Hammond B3 and snare drum before Puorto turns it loose with fire and brimstone. According to the lyrics her obsession is aimed at a particular man, but based on the overall program, her obsession remains tied to creating good blues music right and left. Most of her program drives the blues emphatically home; however, Puorto also sings 'em soft and slow when she so desires. For example, "Old Silo Road" owns a graceful demeanor that brings a pleasant ambience to a country setting made for keeping memories. Later, her cover of the oldie "When a Man Loves a Woman" allows her to slow it down again with toe-curling emotion and unending persuasion.  
         - Jim Santella 

January, 2016, Orange County Blues Society - Interview with Shari Puorto, by Rick Snyder,3 Sunz Consulting & Management 
found HERE 

December, 2015, Beach Reporter, Michael Hixon - Shari Puorto Band CD release party 
Singer/songwriter Shari Puorto is not embarrassed about sharing a obsession of hers besides music, it's actually the subject of the title song on her fourth studio album, “My Obsession.” 

December, 2015, Pubclub.com - Shari Puorto CD release party 
“I can’t wait to share these very special 11 original tracks at our show on Saturday, Dec. 5, at the Standing Room in Hermosa Beach! 

November 20, 2015, MY Obsession Tour 
Little Lightning Productions is pleased to announce, The Shari Puorto Band celebrating new release, MY Obsession! Available today on CD or digital download. Their tour will be all year long, starting in Prescott Arizona, to the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, to the Boondocks Lounge in Tucson on Friday 9/20, 9/21, 9/22 respectively, and more! See poster and website for a show near you. 


November, 2015, MY Obsession, review Casey Reagan Blues-E-News 
MY Obsession is Sharis finest effort to date and promises to take her to the next level in her already impressive career. 12 tracks, 11 originals and a version of ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ with Mike Finnigan on B-3, Jim Pugh playing electric piano and Darrell Leonard & Joe Sublet on horns that will make you melt..... 

October 3, 2015 
MY Obsession CD Review 
CD review, Stuart Hamilton: Blues Matters! & The Rocker 
"Vocally, Ms Puorto is as good as she’s ever been, heading off into areas the likes of Bonnie Bramlett reached at her peak, and you’d be hard pushed to hear a better soulful blues singer on the circuit today. She is mining that seventies Muscle Shoals vibe to great effect." 


Shari Puorto : Making A Scene! 

As-it-happens update ⋅ July 22, 2015  - An Exclusive Interview with Shari Puorto! 

Shari Puorto & her Band are a unique sounding band that combines Rock/Indie Blues/Roots and a whole lotta soul. They appeal to a wide audience, ... 

Vanguard Daily News 

JUNE 27, 2015 

By: Frank Maccioli  AXS Contributor Jun 25, 2015 

Bakersfield Blues, Rock and Roots music fans will be excited to know that the Shari Puorto Band will be appearing at O'Hennings on Sunday, June 28, 2015. This will be the bands' first ever appearance in Bakersfield. Festival appearances have included headlining the Phuket (Thailand) Blues Rock Festival, the Fiji International Jazz/Blues Festival, Doheny Blues Festival, the Long Beach Bayou Festival, the Orange County Fair, the King Biscuit Blues fest in Helena, Arkansas, and several others......more